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Our Staff
Joseph Bast Joseph Bast
President and CEO
Phone: 312-377-4000

Joseph Bast is president and CEO of The Heartland Institute, a 29-year-old national nonprofit research center located in Chicago, Illinois. According to a recent telephone survey, among state elected officials The Heartland Institute is among the nation's best-known and most highly regarded "think tanks."

Bast is the author or editor of 21 books, including Rebuilding America's Schools (1990), Why We Spend Too Much on Health Care (1992) Eco-Sanity: A Common-Sense Guide to Environmentalism (1994) Education & Capitalism (2003), Climate Change Reconsidered (2009), and The Patriot's Toolbox (2010, rev. ed. 2011).

His writing has appeared in the Phi Delta Kappan, Economics of Education Review, Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, The Cato Journal, USA Today, and many of the country's largest-circulation newspapers.

Bast is publisher of six monthly newspapers sent to every national and state elected official and 8,400 county and municipal officials. Those publications are titled School Reform News, Environment & Climate News, Health Care News, Budget & Tax News, FIRE Policy News, and IT&T News.

Bast has been recognized many times for his contributions to public policy research and debate, including being named one of "The 88 to Watch in 1988" by the Chicago Tribune and being awarded the 1994 Roe Award from the State Policy Network, the 1996 Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award, the 1998 Eagle Award from Eagle Forum, and the 2004 Champion of Liberty Award from the Libertarian National Committee. He was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel by Gov. Paul E. Patton in 1996, elected a member of the Philadelphia Society in 2002, and elected to the board of directors of the American Conservative Union in 2007.

Prior to being hired as The Heartland Institute's first employee in 1984, Bast was coeditor of the bimonthly magazine Nomos, and studied economics as an undergraduate at The University of Chicago. He and his wife of 30 years, Diane, reside in a suburb of Chicago.

Gwendalyn Carver Gwendalyn Carver
Director of Development
Phone: 312-377-4000

Gwendalyn Carver joined The Heartland Institute in 2006 and has held positions as an administrative assistant, bookkeeper and database manager, and now membership manager. As part of Heartland's development team, she is the main liaison between Heartland and its 1,800 supporters, answering their questions, inviting them to events, and encouraging them to get the most out of their relationship with the organization.

Before joining Heartland, Carver was a shift manager for the enrollment specialists in the Recruitment Department at Robert Morris College and held positions with the American Cancer Society and The Epilepsy Foundation. She received a B.A. degree (magna cum laude) in business administration in health care management from Robert Morris College.